Artist Ála Plíhalová: From Liberec to Zittau

Artist Ála Plíhalová: From Liberec to Zittau

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Ála Plíhalová, an artist from Liberec, captivates people with her warmth and personality from the first contact. Her works are full of lively, vivid motifs and eroticism. Ála is currently exhibiting her pictures at Jolesch in Zittau. So come by and take a look.

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I saw Ála from time to time in Liberec, but we never spoke to each other. One evening I found myself in the Argonaut. This is a place where you can attend a concert, a party or an exhibition, where artists and craftsmen from Liberec gather. And Ála also has her studio there. "It's not an institution. It's a group of friends. Occasionally people come here from Prague, from Germany or from Zittau, but it's about their friends telling them about it and bringing them here. We have Facebook and Instagram. It's become a pretty well-known place. But it's still about the subculture, the community of people. For me it's a safe and friendly environment."

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And then Ála leads me into her studio and shows me her mostly black and white ink paintings full of heads, unusual animals, figures and shapes. I look at the details and am thrilled. She tells me about her work and, with her own sense of humor, shows me where breasts can be found in the pictures. "You live in Zittau?" Ála asks me. "I would like to do an exhibition there." I couldn't miss this opportunity. I asked Robert, who runs the Jolesch in the Hillersche Vila in Zittau. Nothing happened for a few weeks. I waited until one day I met Robert by chance and he casually told me that the exhibition could be there.

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And so it happened. It's dark and cold, it's 5:30 p.m. on January 6th, and I'm going to Jolesch. The exhibition opening will take place here today at 6 p.m. and the hall will be filled with people. Ála invited many of her friends from the Czech Republic. They come from Liberec, Varnsdorf and even from Ústí nad Labem. Some of them even brought their own musical instruments. The evening is opened by a singer and guitarist who poetically calls himself Cigarette Pillowbag. At the opening he plays a few of his own songs. Then Robert takes the floor, stands on stage and speaks into the microphone about what the Hillersche Vila is, what activities take place there and warmly welcomes all visitors. Meanwhile, champagne glasses are handed out to toast. Ála exclaims loudly: "I don't need a microphone, I can shout it. Thank you for coming and cheers!" Everyone clinks glasses, as usual but with cheers! Something happens on stage. Schwabik takes out a loop, Ála grabs the accordion and starts singing, her friend takes the saxophone and a jam session starts. The evening continues and I go home pleasantly tired. It's cold and I feel a bit warm that the border between Czech Republic and Germany has opened a bit more. Maybe it will stay that way: Robert has invited Alla and her friends to a concert in Jolesch. If it works out, I won't miss this event and we will definitely invite you to it on 3mag. Follow us!

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Check out our interview with Ala Plíhalová. It took place on Wednesday, January 10th at their studio Argonaut in Liberec. In it you will find out how Ála came to art, how her works are created, what Ála does for a living and what she likes about life in Liberec.

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