Oberlausitz im Wandel

Oberlausitz im Gespräch - Demographic Development in the Tri-border Region

In this category, we present current topics that are closely related to demographic developments in the Tri-Country region.
Together with a group of authors we want to find out what people in the region think about shaping the future. We are collecting information on how people feel about changes in the region. Here we ask questions like: How do we want to live here in the future? What makes the region attractive and worth living in? How satisfied are you with current developments? What needs to be changed? What is the potential for positive development of the region? What can everyone do themselves to move the region forward?
We would also like to start a conversation with you, our readers. Write us your opinion on the topics. What is your view on social development? Don't be afraid to contribute something new. Write to us at redaktion@3mag.eu.

Demographic Programme of the Free State of Saxony ('Programm Demografie des Freistaat Sachsen'): On this demographic portal you can find out how demographic change is approached in Saxony - what are the activities, concepts, projects, as well as facts and figures.