Tripoint Vibez #25 - Sound System All Day Long

| Seestern Olbersdorf...

Tripoint Vibez

After weeks of searching, negotiating and finalizing and then starting all over again, we finally managed to book a space for the next Tripoint Vibez session! As announced, we will be playing during the day, from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. by the water near the Tripoint, more precisely by Lake Olbersdorf at the Seestern bar, on Sunday, 16.06.2024 In addition to the venue, we have also managed to get dibs on the sunny weather, perfect for an afternoon of relaxation to the sounds of the sound system and the roots selection, so we warmly invite you to come and swish your feet on the ground full of juicy bass ;) See you there!

Party Music
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