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The band Stars Tribute Acoustic was originally formed during the lockdown as an acoustic duo purely out of a need to play at least a few favourite songs. S.T.A. was founded by guitarist Olda Trefil, also known as Trifid from the band Debustrol, and singer Honza Tříška from the band Syndrom. Both are also members of the band No Jam, which plays songs by American Pearl Jam. After a short time, these two musicians were joined by percussionist and traveller Jirka Neumajer from the band Feher Fekete Kerek. If you like the hits of the 90s, Pearl Jam, U2, Nirvana, R.E.M., Depesche Mode, Metallica and you want to dance, this is the tip for you.
Aktualisiert am 02.03.23, 11:09 o 'clock