Pecha Kucha Night "Make art not war"

| Regional Gallery Liberec -...

Why is it important to express yourself in Liberec, to care about cultural events and to do good? What is the importance of a cultural living institution as a provider of facilities for people who tend to change Liberec and bring a new conceptual perspective to the understanding of the city under Jested in a broader sense that goes beyond its borders?
Visual art is its essential part of other art movements and one medium cannot be without the other. The separation of one supporting medium from the other creates isolation and by connecting, collaborating we get and move faster and further.
Open door: 18:00
Start: 19:00
Tickets are valid as admission to the Regional Gallery of Spa, the Cosmos side program, and PechaKucha night (all on June 14, 2024)

In the gardens of the Regional Gallery Spa, the voice of 16 speakers will ring out this time and as a side program will be Cosmos by Jan Plecháč.
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