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Slovak band HRDZA has been active on the world music scene since 1999. Strong voices, top musicians and skillfully crafted songs combine the old with the new into a pleasant sound. The group is influenced by Slovak folk music, rock bravado, Celtic melodicism, jazz rhythmics, as well as more exotic motifs.
We are honored to welcome the band to Jablonec as part of the International Folklore Festival.The concert will take place on Friday, June 14th at 6:00 pm at the Summer Stage of the Eurocenter (in case of extremely bad weather in the Great Hall).
Interesting fact: Hrdza is the darling of summer festivals, fiestas and fairs in Slovakia, but every year he also plays several times in Poland, the Czech Republic and other European countries. She has released six studio albums and one compilation album. Her songs and music videos are also popular with non-Slavic speaking peoples all over the world. The most watched music video abroad is Stefan with almost 40 million views.
Music sample:
More information about the International Folklore Festival:
The event is part of Jablonec Tones 2024 and is realized within the project "International Folklore Festival Jablonec nad Nisou" with the financial support of the Liberec Region.

Strong voices, top musicians and artfully crafted songs combine the old with the new into a pleasant sound - that's the Slovak band Hrdza.
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