5th Young Concert

| Gerhart-Hauptmann-Theater...


What have the three stars of the Young Concert not experienced in the last year! In search of the beaver, the witch Hillary, Mr. Rosner and our newly hatched Maria Papillon traveled from the Theater zur Neisse to the moated castle in Muskau and finally to Spain and back again. Along the way, they have had to deal with whimsical muskrats, wascoons, chaotic frogs, wolves and strict beaver experts. Accompanied by lots of good music that gets in your ears and your legs, whether by beatboxer Mandolini, Banda Communale or Suli Puschban.

What adventures await the three of them in the new season? And will the beaver be part of the party more often from now on? In any case, look forward to new exciting stories, strange encounters, magic spells, fun and lots of good music!

Photo: Pawel Sosnowski

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Aktualisiert am 27.05.23, 23:34 o 'clock